About Me

Who is Pop D? My name is Vincent E. Martinez. I'm from a small town on the west coast of Florida. I have ancestral backgrounds from Mexico, Puerto Rico and Cuba. Making me one wild mix up lol. Pop D was just a nickname that stuck after high school. Today it  translates to Power Of Positivi D! I've been living in Colorado Springs since 2012. I came to Colorado seeking knowledge and love. I must say I found them both and so much more. Beginning my borosilicate glass art study in January of 2015 right before my 23rd birthday. Being a self taught artist has given me so much confidence in my everyday life. I showed myself that I could achieve my wildest dreams, with a lot of hard work and love of course. This is but a glimpse of what's to come, I have so many ideas. I look forward to this lifetime study and learning the secrets of glass art.


Now let’s fast forward 5 years! Wow I have come such a long way. So many amazing experiences and pieces have been made. I’m so amped and grateful to have new friends as well my OG’s still supporting the #PowerOfPositiviD! Lots of big changes in life. For one Adrianna and I would like you to meet Nova Wren! I know you can’t see her here. But she is our babygirl. She was born February 24th of this year. Life’s been a lot different since she joined us. But I must say Nova Wren is teaching me a lot. I’ll leave you guys here for the 5 year recap. Stay tuned for more updates.